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Non-bank Financial Institution Services

Working capital loans refer to the ones ICBC grants to its borrowers to meet their reasonable continuous capital usage requirements in daily operations with their future comprehensive revenues, needs to ensure their normal operation activities as loan repayment sources. Working capital loans are flexible and can meet customers' liquidity needs. Working capital loans are not used to buy long-term assets or investments and are instead used to cover account payable, wages, sales and marketing, product development, etc.                                                                               

There are a couple of ways to apply this type of loan and it is also allowed to apply it with roll-over mode, which means loan borrowers sign loan contract in one-time, and the borrowers are allowed to withdraw the loan in times during agreed tenor and return it one by one to use the loan within the agreed drawdown amount and the credit line specified by the signed contract.

1. Target Client
The loan borrowers shall run daily operations and with reasonable continuous capital usage requirements and secured projected revenues.Working capital loans have high liquidity and are applicable to non-bank financial institution clients with capital needs to extend branch network and disburse more loans to more customers according to their business plan.

2. Application Procedures
Applications must be in accordance with the state industry policies and ICBC's credit policies;                  
Loan borrowers must be ICBC's quality customers with outstanding business performance, stable operations, healthy financial operations, and high liquidity and profitability;                                                               
Good credit history;                                                   
Other conditions stipulated by ICBC.

3. The client should submit a working capital loan application to ICBC and should provide the following documents: 
(1) Certificate of incorporation & Business license;                       
(2) Form of Permit (Form 1), Form VI, Form XXVI                                             
(3) Memorandum of Association & Article of Association;                                                         
(4) Organization Chart                                         
(5) Updated Shareholder List (Percentage and amount) & Profile                                                
(6) Key Management Profile                                     
(7) Business Plan                                                   
(8) Financial authorities or accounting/auditing firm approved financial statements and audit reports for the past month and previous three years (companies under three years should submit recent statements and reports as well as annual statements and reports since time of establishment);                                 
(9) Key Ratios and Economic Indicators                               
(10) Other documents required by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Yangon Branch)   
** The above information is just for your reference only. To save your time, please contact us for more details before applying the service.