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Trade Finance

L/C is issued by the issuing bank on behalf of the importer/buyer in favor of the exporter/seller to assure payment to the seller if their documents are presented in accordance the terms & conditions of the L/C.

The issuing bank must perform investigation on corporation qualification, transaction background and business compliance. The documents are under examination including  Import License, Sale Contract , Company License and other relevant documents.

2.Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
SBLC is an independent undertaking by the bank to pay the beneficiary a certain sum of money within a specified period if the applicant fails to fulfill his contractual or other obligations of an underlying transaction. It is usually used to secure either a financial or performance obligation of the principal.

3. Import Documentary Letter of Credit Collection
ICBC will notify your company for payment/acceptance after receiving collection documents from foreign remitting bank, and your company will obtain the documents and collect the imported goods after the payment/acceptance.

Documents are related to the buyer when the seller's payment terms are fulfilled.There are two types of import collection, namely documents against payment(D/P) and documents against acceptance(D/A).

4. Export Documentary Letter of Credit Collection & Export Bill Purchase/Discount
Once the goods have been shipped out, your company can summit all the documents required by the contract to ICBC. We will promptly examine and verify the documents and send the documents to the designated collecting bank for collection of payment.
Export bill purchase : after the exporter submits all the documents as the pledge, ICBC offers credit to the exporter before the receipt of goods payment from the importer.

Export bill discount : after the exporter submits all the documents and payment commitment from the L/C issuing bank, ICBC offers credit to the exporter before the receipt of goods payment from the importer.
5. Transferable Letter of Credit
Transferable L/C Is a documentary credit under which the beneficiary (first beneficiary)may request the bank specifically authorized in the credit transfer the credit, available in whole or part,to one or more second beneficiary(ies).

6. Negotiation of export documents under documentary Letter of Credit
Export documents negotiation is the process whereby the bank examines the documents and claims proceeds and the willingness to give value, advance or discount the transaction to and or behalf of the seller.

7. Letter of Credit Confirmation
Letter of Credit Confirmation is usually requested if the seller is not comfortable with the creditworthiness of the Issuing Bank and is concerned over the buyer's country risk, the Issuing Bank may request the Advising Bank to add its confirmation on the LC.

8. Bank Guarantee
The bank meet the applicant's request,issuing for the beneficiary a written guarantee committing to pay an amount money to the beneficiary in case that the applicant does not fulfill the commitment within the contractual period and in accordance with the contract between the parties. The types of bank guarantee which ICBC provide are B:id Bond/ Tender Guarantee,Performance Guarantee,Advance Payment Guarantee,Retention Money Guarantee, Quality/Maintenance Guarantee,Payment Guarantee.

9. Forfeiting
Forfeiting is the process of purchasing by discounting the receivables secured with payment Letters of Credit with differed payment, that are due for payment on a future date.