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Settlement Services

1. Purchasing Cheque
(1) Cheque Currency: USD, MMK, SGD, EUR.
(2) Operation flow:
-Fill out the purchasing cheque application form (authorized signature or seal).
-Client ID card/Passport.
(3) Charges:
-USD cheque USD5.00 per book, 25 sheets per cheque book.
-MMK cheque MMK5,000.00 per book, 25 sheets per cheque book.
-SGD cheque SGD5.00 per book, 25 sheets per cheque book.
-EUR cheque EUR5.00 per book, 25 sheets per cheque book.
2. Cheque withdrawal 
(1) Operation flow:
-Cheque right bottom and reverse side of the cheque sign authorized signature or seal.
-Fill out the withdrawal slip, the purpose of the transaction on the left bottom.
-Client ID card/Passport.
(2) Charges: USD Cash Withdrawal is free of charge.
               MMK Cash Withdrawal (charge from withdrawal amount of 0.02%).
(3) Notice:
-According to CBM rules and regulations, USD cheque withdrawal could performed twice a week, not exceed USD5,000 per one transaction for each USD account. No limit on the amount and/or frequency for MMK withdrawal.
-MMK cash withdrawal prior reservation:
  Below MMK500 million withdrawal could be proceeded without appointment.
  MMK500 million to MMK1 billion withdrawal, appointment should be made three working days in advance.
  Above MMK1 billion withdrawal, appointment should be made five working days in advance.
  Special notes are required to make the appointment in advance five working days.
Contact person:
Tel: 01-9339258 Ext: 8833, 8836, 8862, 8830
Contact person: Zhang Xin Yue (Ms.)-(0095-9261821667) : Shan Yi (Ms.)-(0095-9451129899): Htain Linn Naung (Mr.)-(0095-9458040507)

3. Cash deposit

(1) Operation Flow:

Fill out the deposit slip, the purpose of the transaction on the left bottom.

Cash deposit must provide the documents of fund resources (contract, invoice, sales list, receipt or other documents).

Client ID card/Passport.

(2) current deposit interest:

MMK: None.

USD: Below USD50,000.00- none.

         Above USD50,000.00- 0.03%(annual interest rate).

(3) Charges: MMK Cash Deposit (Charge from deposit amount of 0.02%).

USD Cash Deposit

Bank Notes

Fees (USD)

USD 100

0.3% on cash deposit amount

Below USD10050,20,10,5,2,1

1.0% on cash deposit amount

4. Time deposit 

(1) Currency: USD.

(2) Operation flow: fill out the time deposit slip, sign authorized signature and seal on the time deposit slip.

(3) Interest rate:  


7  Days

14 Days

One month

Two month

Three month



Nine month



Negotiate TD

Interest rateannual










Detail interest rate shall contact with Bank RM.

(4) Introduction of ICBC Yangon Branch Call Deposit Product

ICBC Yangon Branch will quoted the current call deposit rate to customer for the Call Deposit product of the branch such as 7 days and 14 days etc, when the customer apply to do the deposit with the bank and also the quoted call deposit rate will be mentioned on the deposit form as well.

The interest will be calculated with the current quoted rate of the date of release when customer apply to release the deposit. Call deposit bank reate is changeable but the bank will inform customer about the changes of the call deposit rate through Wechat Platform, Website at lease 7 days before the changes.

If there is any questions about the product, please directly come to counter or contact the bank by the below phone number.

       Phone Number: 01-9339258 Ext: 8875.

5. Internal account transfer

(1) Operation flow:

a. Cheque:

Submit ICBC cheque, cheque right bottom and reverse side of the cheque sign authorized signature or seal.

Submit the purpose of fund transfer documents (contract, invoice, disbursement schedule or other payment document).

Client ID card/Passport.

b.  Online banking: customer are able to perform internal account transfer through ICBC online banking, payment effect immediately.

(2) Charges: 

Cheque: free of charge.

Online banking: free of charge

6. MMK cheque clearing within the same city

(1) Operation flow:

for the purpose of CBM clearing: T day submit ICBC cheque to local bank, T+1 clearing.

Submit local bank cheque to ICBC for the purpose of CBM clearing: T day submit local bank cheque to ICBC, T+1 clearing.

CBM-NET clearing: fund arrival on the same day(submit ICBC cheque and remittance application form).

(2) Charges:

Submit ICBC cheque to local bank for the purpose of CBM clearing: MMK1,000.00 per transaction.

Submit local bank cheque to ICBC for the purpose of CBM clearing: free of charge

CBM-NET Remittance: Within Yangon MMK2,000.00 per transaction, Outside of Yangon MMK10000.00 per transaction. (Cut-off time: 02:00 PM)

(3) Notice: Client ID card/Passport must submit on every transaction.

7. Remittance

(1) Currency: USD, EUR, SGD, CNY.

(2) Operation flow:

Submit ICBC cheque, cheque right bottom and reverse side of the cheque sign authorized signature or seal.

Fill out the remittance application form (triplicate), and signature on the right bottom.

In accordance with the purpose of remittance, submit the related documents but not limit to(contract, invoice, disbursement schedule or other payment document).

Client ID card/Passport.

(3) Charges:

Inward remittance: USD20.00 per transaction (Inward fund from Overseas); free of charge (Inward fund within Myanmar) .

Outward remittance: 

Counter FeeCharge 0.125% oremit amt, Min25.00, Max5,000.00

Online Banking FeeCharge 0.1% on remit amtMin20.00, Max4,000.00

Payment at full amt feeIf choice the remit payment type of “OUR”, Except from remit fee, will additional charge 50.00 per transactions.
8. Currency exchange
(1) Currency: MMK, USD, SGD, EUR. 
(2) Operation flow:
-Submit ICBC cheque, cheque right bottom and reverse side of the cheque sign authorized.
-Fill out the exchange application form.
-Client ID card/Passport.
(3) Notice: exchange does not support cash exchange.